Sunday, 17 June 2018

Sunday Motivation

Its been another busy week, super busy in fact. 6.30am starts, with a 10 minute pre-breakfast workout Monday - Friday before work. Lots of long walks, hit my 10,000 steps every day and then some.

On the eating front, its been healthy all the way - lots of proteins, whole grains, fruit and veg, salads and fresh food, made from scratch. I set myself a goal of 2 lbs to lose, and managed to lose 3lbs which felt amazing.

I have been to 3 boot camp sessions, which have been intense! I was away in the caravan last weekend, which made me work so hard this week. I feel better, and already, people are starting to notice my weight loss. Not so much surprising really, when you consider I've now cumulatively lost 2 1/2 stone!

So my Sunday Motivation for the week to come is to keep going, keep pushing and keep doing what I'm doing. Its working, and that in itself is motivation.

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