Sunday, 24 June 2018

Things I Need to do to get organised

There are mysteries in this house. Spoons and socks disappear, but also, so do iphone wires and plugs. I suspect they go home with various visitors, so the first on the list is to get a lot of wires and plugs to resolve the issue.

Second, I need to sort my garage - welly rack, tools storage, shelving - yes, that's next on the list.

Other items I need are some crafting storage - I want to get into crafting this year, but its where to put all the things I need - glue, sharpies, materials, scissors, tape, staplers, paper, lego bricks, scrabble tiles - where can I keep it all so its not a mess.

I want to get into this coupons and vouchers lark. Again, it requires organisation, so I need printer ink, paper, guillotine or some good long scissors and some folders to organise them into.

I have also seen this great storage idea for undies and socks - where they are all separate and neat. It looks fab and at least then you can find the right items easily instead of rummaging through. Fab.

Finally, I need to get my stationery organised - pens, pencils and colouring books. I can't be doing with things messy!

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