Monday, 11 June 2018

Tips for Successful Weight Loss

As you will probably know, dieting is hard. So so hard. All the lovely things that cross your path to tempt you - I'm talking fish and chips, takeaways, cupcakes, chocolate, wine - name your vice.

Then there is feeling hungry and unsatisfied. For years I tried fad diets, half starved myself and the result? I got progressively heavier.

Then, roughly four years ago I finally realised that to lose weight you can't just go on a fad diet and expect it to work. Inevitably, denying yourself what you want will result in you falling spectacularly off the rails and going bezerk filling up on everything you have gone without. Its unpleasant and gets you down, so you eat for comfort. And get heavier.

Four years ago I gave up on joining weight clubs of any sort and joined a gym. Not for the first time, but this time, I actually went to the gym after joining. A novel concept for me! I dropped a stone and fast. Then it slowed down, but I had proved to myself that upping the exercise made a difference.

Next was my diet. The word diet has negative connotations. I wanted to challenge that and rather than deny myself, I decided moderation was the key. I stocked up on healthy low fat foods, in variety, and loads of nice low fat but delicious snacks. That way, when the cravings kicked in or I just needed something sweet, or some chocolate or a bag of crips, I could do without blowing it.

That is the key. Preparation. This is my snack drawer currently:

Weight watchers chocolate rolls, jaffa biscuits, fruit crumble, velvet crunch crisps, special K porridge pots, be good to yourself crisps, cakes, shapers nougat bars - something for every taste. I can tell you this is the key to success. Already, I am making great progress. 

My diet isn't a fad. I eat healthily and I snack when I need to, and most importantly I am never hungry. I do make sacrifices but I also have what I want at least once every month. It keeps the binges at bay. I haven't reached my goal - but I'm confident I will get there. It's not easy, but then nothing worth fighting for is. :)