Sunday, 10 June 2018

Weekly exercise round-up

This week has been a challenge - not least because I went to the gym - a lot, kept to my diet and healthy eating / clean eating goals, and tried to be more active in general - but also due to the fact that once again, I have joined Bootcamp. It had to be done. 

Its just short of 9 weeks until my holiday, and in order to reach goal I need to lose 1 stone 8 lbs from now. That is a tall order for sure. However, I am already down 2 stone 5 pounds, so maybe just maybe if I keep working hard, I will get there. 

Even if I don't though, I am determined to be healthier and fitter. So here is this weeks exercise round-up:
  • Monday - 10 mins morning exercise routine, consisting of push ups, tricep dips and leg raises, squats, punches and kicks. 525 abs. 
  • Tuesday - 10 mins morning exercise routine. 525 abs. Long lunch time walk. Gym session. 
  • Wednesday - 5 mins morning exercise routine. 550 abs. Gym session. 
  • Thursday - Gym session early morning. 550 abs. Bootcamp for an hour evening. 
  • Friday - Gym session. 550 abs. Long walk on the beach in Wales. 
  • Saturday - push ups and triceps. 2 long walks on the beach in Wales
  • Sunday. Walk on the beach before returning home from Wales. 550 abs. 
Bikini body here I come!