Tuesday, 5 June 2018

What Can I do to get slim, fit and strong??

I have a dream, as a man once said. Its true, I do. I dream of having a banging bod, a bikini body no less. Strong, fit and slim. I think its fair to say, that at the moment, right now, as I write these very words, that I do not have that body. It is, alas, a dream still.

So how do I get my flabby ass, currently resting itself up on the recliner, off the sofa and into the gym? I think I need a plan. Yes, that might help. So here are my ideas of what I can do, when I might be able to do it, and what might, just might, be accomplish-able.

  • Jogging - outdoors, no cost involved, and no excuses apart from the monsoon rain!! 
  • Gym - lots of cardio, fat burning - stepper, stair master, cross trainer
  • Running - gym treadmill - intervals - hills and sprints
  • Ab work - can't see them at the moment, but they need to be ready for their moment!!
  • Green Tea - can't stand it, but I will literally try anything right now!!
  • Fat metabolisers - yep. Cheat it - science like
  • Water - drink lots of the wet stuff. Its supposed to help!!
  • Grapefruit - apparently it helps burn fat. Likewise celery
  • Exercise first thing before eating anything - negative calories burned! 
  • Do squats. Every day. 
  • Weights - arms, chest and back will benefit, plus burns calories
  • Low carb - keep it low. 
  • High protein - focus on the proteins. 
  • Move more - walk everywhere rather than drive
  • Smaller portions - cut portions down by a third
  • cut out snacks - apart from fruit
  • 5 a day - make sure to stock up on the fruit and veg
  • 3 Day Diet - 3 days on, 2 days off. Ongoing
  • Swimming - whenever I get the chance - home or away
  • Cycling - get my bike out, get on it
  • Kettle Bells. Ultimate fat burning and toning
  • Dancing - anywhere, anytime
  • Zumba - get my DVD out and burn it!! 
  • Gym classes - worth a try I suppose
  • Squash - oh yeah - chance to hit something hard! 
  • Weight watchers - yes, I know. But it works for me!! 
  • Cut down / cut out the alcohol. How many calories does that glass of wine contain!! 
  • Choose healthy options, and no starters or desserts
If I think of anything else, I shall add it to my list :) C'mon beach body!!