Sunday, 17 June 2018

What I'm Watching This Week

  • Love Island. Yes, its back. The funniest voice over guy in the world - Mr Ian Stirling - genius. Caroline Flack as the very glamorous host, and best of all, the contestants themselves. They re young, they are fit, they are, lets be honest, a bit bonkers! Not only are we watching the new hopefuls as they try to find love, amidst ego issues, betrayal, lies, sex and bitchiness, but we are also working our way through the previous years on boxset! The sun, the gorgeous villa and their crazy antics, added with the hilarious banter and commentary - TV gold. 

  • Corrie. So Nigel Havers is back - oh dear - cue much suave and charm, and no doubt conning silly trusting ladies again! Phelan has finally gone, but now Gary has told the truth, he seems to have lost any chance of seeing his son. Meanwhile, Rosie is going to be on This Morning, and Roy is determined to catch the dodgy medium out. Its been quite nice to have some humour after the seriousness of the past few weeks. However, for David, surely someone needs to catch nasty Josh out and make him pay for what he has done. I'm hoping someone else comes forward as this needs to be dealt with - awful business. 

  • Billions. On series 2 now, as we recap on boxsets ready for the new series! Damian Lewis is just brilliant in this, but then, so are all the cast. Stock markets, millions of dollars, double crossing, brilliant dialogue - love this show! 

  • Bates Motel. Norman is becoming more and more erratic. The body count continues to mount. Now his mother Norma has married the Sheriff, whilst Norman is in the care of the hospital for his mental health and he has no idea!! Surely he won't be happy about this news. The thing with this show, is literally, noone is safe :) 

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