Saturday, 30 June 2018

What I'm Watching this Week

  • Corrie. OMG. I knew Eva's secret would likely come out eventually, but flippin heck that was one hell of a shock. Such a tragic storyline. Corrie as ever, just brilliant. So many inter-connecting stories happening - awful Alya taking over the factory, Johnny and Liz and Jenny love triangle. My money is on Carla and Peter reconciling somehow. Great stuff on the cobbles this week. 

  • Love Island. Current series and back catalogue of boxsets. Current series first - now lets first discuss Adam. What an awful human being - first he hurts Kendall for Rosie, now he's hurt Rosie for the next new girl. Said new girl looks a bit like Kelly Brook, but that is no excuse. Rosie, quite understandably, asks Adam for a word, and he goes in on her telling her not to nod at him - I mean is this guy actually for real? Rosie proceeds to get upset, again, understandably, whist Adam literally could not care less, and looks smug as you like. Then there is Eeyal - lordy that boy is just a snakey snake, and as spiritual as my trainers. What a bunch. The old boxsets are equally bonkers - quality! 

  • Emmerdale. The whole Lachlan the serial killer story is just so intense - he really needs to get his come uppance - poor Doug copping the blame. As soap couples go, Chaz and Paddy are just the best so its so distressing to watch the sad story of their poor tragic baby unfold. Heartbreaking stuff. Meanwhile Debbie and Joe Tate continue their relationship in spite of everyone being against it. Tense stuff this week. 

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