Sunday, 24 June 2018

What would you do??

What would you do if you won the lottery? I'm talking a big win here, like £1m. A life changing amount? I think most people have a vague notion of what they might do. We are all different, and I suppose it depends on your own time of life, status and aspirations.

For me, it would be property. I would do the usual stuff - new car, home improvements, a holiday. I would look after the people that matter to me.

I certainly would not broadcast it to the masses. All manner of folks I'd not seen in years would no doubt come out of the woodwork!! Again, it would be those that mattered, and even then, quite possibly, I wouldn't actually tell people.

You can imagine it can't you? "I've won the lotto" would prompt everyone to speculate over how much. If I said "I've won a million, people might expect a certain £ share of it. Now, depending on how many in the family and friends network, that could cause some issues. So no, I wouldn't give away the details.

What I would do, is buy some properties. A flat in Manchester and a flat in London as bolt holes when we go to gigs, shopping etc.. That way, everyone benefits, and it could earn a crust whilst its not in use.

What next? A property in the canaries is a must for me. Winter sun - no place better or closer. I would love to spend winter in the Canaries, and back to blighty for what passes as summer here!!

I'm thinking a little gites in the south of france would be amazing too. On top of this, I would have a Personal Trainer every day, a dietitian to sort my meals and help me to get the weight off, and also every beauty treatment suitable to make me look the best I can, including some laser treatment!!

So that would be my plan, dependent on how much and when it might happen.

So what would you do?  :)

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