Tuesday, 10 July 2018

My Travels in Gran Canaria - 2016

So 2016 saw us once more in the very wonderful Gran Canaria. I love having a glass of wine as the sun gets low in the sky as you get the most beautiful light - so romantic.

It began at the airport with Boofle and of course the obligatory pint! Never is it the time other than holidays when its like 8am!

Our hotel was right next to the beach and the lighthouse, and at night the pool was lit up and beautiful. 

It may not look hot, but its so deceptive. It can be cloudy and dull one minute, then blistering hot the next. I love the variation in how it makes the sea look. Some days it looks murky grey, then it looks crystal blue. 

I loved our holiday. We had so many laughs and hugs and of course selfies! Has to be done.

This was our first time in GC not all inclusive. Breakfast was included but not lunch and evening. So we sampled the food - wow. 

Tapas is a huge thing in GC. So many choices! So we tried a few - spanish potatoes, bruschetta, croquettes - absolutely gorgeous.

The beach is beautiful. The weather makes such a difference. In the morning its usually a bit cloudy, then the sun tends to burn through making it bright white and blue. Then storms come and go. Wonderful place.

GC is just the best - my favourite place in the world. 

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