Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Some things just look so good on screen

I might not be alone in thinking that sometimes thing on the big or small screen look utterly cool, totally tempting and seem to somehow make a scene special. Take a glass of wine like above. Now, would Corrie be Corrie without a shared secret over a glass of red?

Would Emmerdale be the same without The Woolpack and a cheeky lunch time pint? Imagine films like Goodfellas or Casino without a scotch on the rocks, or a good old boys drinking together scene. 

I absolutely love some shows - Billions, Banshee, Cold Feet, The Sopranos, Game of Thrones. All of them, without exception, have the most brilliant acting, scripts and visual appeal, not least because they feature to a greater and lesser extent alcohol. It just looks so good on screen. 

But its not just how things look on screen - a glass of wine looks inviting. A whisky in a glass with ice looks like the height of class. However, its not just the look of it, its the sipping, the appreciative noise of a good vino, or the clink of the glass as a deal is struck, or the rattle of the ice against the crystal glass. Its sounds good, it seals the deal. 

Then there is the lighting - on screen, lighting looks amazing. It either looks more intense, more smoky, more dreamy, or super sunny, bright and light and dazzling - it makes scenes either breezier or darker than they might otherwise be. Think Game of Thrones with the icy scenes - so bleak, so desolate - would not work on a sunny bright day now would it? Think Eastenders - if The Queen Vic was suddenly brightly lit would the depressing storylines and the heavy drinking look the same? Of course not. Lighting looks great on screen. 

It occurred to me whilst writing this, that there are some things which look fabulous on TV but in real life would drive me insane. Now in this section, I am referring to bedroom and living room furnishings, specifically, cushions, pillows, throws and blankets. I love them don't get me wrong - all those faux furs over the bed, the numerous cushions - they look so trendy, so comfy, so inviting. They add style and allure to scenes but in real life, would you really want to be faffed rearranging that lot every night and every morning? I sure wouldn't but they look good. 

Another thing that looks amazing on screen is candles and lamps. how many times do you see it when there is an intimate scene? Loads of lamps with low lighting, and what seems like hundreds of already lit candles. It looks ace, but in reality, would you really go round turning on every lamp in the house, and lighting all those candles? And who is going to break off and blow them all out to make sure the place doesn't burn down whilst you are otherwise engaged? 

Now I'm on a roll - on screen, flowers always look spectacular. Big bright bunches, displayed in ornate and elaborate vases in every room. In reality, I don't think I know anyone who has a house with flowers in every room, but damn it looks awesome. 

Something else that looks wonderful onscreen is chocolate. There is just something about the look of a block of chocolate, and the sound of a chunk being broken off before being popped into someone's mouth. Mmmm. It looks soo tempting which is never good when I'm on a diet - which I am. 

Food in general can often look great on screen - whether its a portion of chips, or a big bad dirty burger, a chinese meal, pasta, cake, steak - it can literally make you salivate. Watching it can really make you feel something whether its craving what you are seeing, or just making you hungry in general - it can so many times look so good!