Wednesday, 11 July 2018

The Actors

There are talented actors out there, which is great. But this list is more about their acting ability and their appeal to me!! Some of these just happen to be in my all time favourite films, whereas others just have that special factor, that sparkle, that talent.

1. Gerard Butler. As well as being one of the most exceptionally good looking and sexy actors out there, Gerard is also extremely talented. Starring in some of my favourite action films - London has Fallen, and Olympus has Fallen, he also showed his dark side in the brilliant Law Abiding Citizen.

2. Tom Hanks. From his early film outings in classics like Splash, and Big, he went on to star in the fabulous Forrest Gump, the traumatic Saving Private Ryan and the amazing Castaway. Tom is such a versatile actor and he can turn his hand to comedy and drama easily.

3. Robert De Niro. No list of great actors would be complete without him. Terrifying in Cape Fear and Goodfellas. Funny as hell in Meet the Fockers, and Meet the Parents. Most recently in Last Vegas as an older guy, he still has it. Such talent.

4. Tom Cruise. Top Gun and Cocktail were Tom as a young, fresh faced actor when he made his name. Still going, he is still convincing in the lead in action roles such as the latest Mission Impossible, not to mention as Jack Reacher where he is just cool as. More than a nod to less mainstream roles such as in Eyes Wide Shut - kinky?? Yes, Tom is cool.

5. Jeremy Renner. I first became aware of Jeremy in 28 Weeks Later and then the great The Hurt Locker. Since then, he has done several more brilliant films - Mission Impossible, The Avengers and also the continuing Bourne story in The Bourne Legacy. Very talented, and very handsome - especially in Hansel and Gretel let me tell you!

6. Kevin Spacey. Able to play good and bad, Kevin has banked a huge list of credentials to date. In Seven he is pure evil. In the Usual Suspects he is "Keyser Söze" in one of the best twists ever! American Beauty is one of my all time favourite ever films.

7. Will Smith. This man is perfection in every way. Drunk superhero in Hancock, the "date doctor" in Hitch, right through to the unbelievable I Am Legend and I Robot. From the Fresh Prince, to the recent Focus, Will Smith is the ultimate. The epitome of cool in MIB, Will can do anything. I am in awe of this man.

8. Sean Bean. Now, I first saw Bean in the TV classic Lady Chatterley's Lover - he was the gardener. He has also been a bond villain, and of course Boromir in The Lord of the Rings. He's played some real baddies - especially in The Hitcher. He has such a strong accent, and has kept true to his origins. True Brit - true great.

9. Hugh Grant. Now, the classic English gent, that went bad. Hugh starred in such greats at Notting Hill, and Four Weddings and a Funeral and was the ultimate clipped English upper class man. Then came Bridget Jones where as Daniel Cleaver, he was suddenly naughty. Who knew!!

10. Patrick Swayze. Now of course everyone knows Patrick in Ghost, and most importantly, Dirty Dancing. Two of the greatest films of all time, lets be honest. However, he was way more than those iconic roles. Road House, Point Break and Keeping Mum being my picks from his repertoire. Such a loss, but will always be remembered.

11. Denzel Washington. From Malcolm X to The Equaliser, Denzel is cool, calm, calculated and did I say cool? He plays such charismatic parts - in Deja Vu the plot is so sci fi but Denzel keeps his feet on the ground and so you believe it. I think my favourites though, are the lesser known Fallen, and the action film Unstoppable. Brilliant actor, great guy, talented through and through.

12. Mel Gibson. Taking it back, lets not forget Riggs in Lethal Weapon. Mel was fresh faced and big haired. Then came Braveheart, Ransom and Payback - my favourite being the latter. Mel was Mad Max, lets not forget he is actually Australian. In my humble, he's gone slightly off the boil in recent days, but his legacy still makes my list.

13. Kiefer Sutherland. My love of all things Kiefer began with Stand by Me, and then The Lost Boys. He was already cool, but then films such as Flatliners and Phone Booth gave him that edge. Kiefer has that gravelly voice and instantly you know its him. Great actor.

14. Colin Firth. Now, I can't introduce Colin to my list without mention of Mr Darcy, Pride and Prejudice, which on its own would make him a worthy entrant. However, add Bridget Jones, Love Actually and The King's Speech and that seals it. True English gentleman and a worthy place as a true talent.

15. Ralph Fiennes. Now, here is possibly one of the best actors of all time. The English Patient is truly amazing. In Schindler's List, he plays such a convincing role that it is chilling, likewise as the very evil lead in Red Dragon, and of course, as "he that shall not be named" Voldemort in Harry Potter. Most recently, he is the new M in James Bond, and the brilliant Gustav in The Grand Budapest Hotel where he was funny too.