Monday, 13 August 2018

A Good Body is Priceless

Before I begin this post, I just want to point out that I am fully aware that my body is not what I want it to be, so this is not an exercise in vanity - quite the opposite. The photo is simply to illustrate that whilst I am no supermodel (who is in reality? - airbrushing aside) I can sometimes feel more comfortable in my own skin than at other times. Ok? right then.

The point of this post is to consider what is priceless. A few things can and do fall within this category - not least family, parents, partners, children, pets - money cannot buy love - that's a given. But what if I apply that logic to my body?

Lets consider this a moment. I am referring to the usual things here - health, vitality, youth - whilst money can improve those things, it cannot actually buy them. We all age, we all get tired, we all, eventually, get ill. Its the human condition and a fact of life.

So all those things are priceless in so much as they cannot be bought. But what else? Well, that what else is a good body (not mine at this point, obvs). What is a good body then?

A good body is one that takes effort, time and patience. It takes consistency, perseverance and will power. Sheer determination, stubbornness and commitment. It takes discipline, it takes energy, it takes mental and physical strength. Can you buy that? Not a chance.

You can pay for gym memberships, fitness gear, workout clothes and equipment. You can buy the best fitness trackers, the most expensive trainers, the top personal trainer or exercise plan. Does that actually give you the body you desire? In my case, not yet. Why?

That is the burning question. Why don't I have that bikini body I so crave? Why, despite various gym memberships, numerous exercise plans and goals, and a significant amount of effort, albeit sporadically, have I not succeeded?

The answer is simple - I don't work hard enough, consistently enough, or with the right attitude. I expect fast results, and when they don't happen, I pull back, slow down, give up. I start again, and I want immediate results, I don't get them, so I stop. As if that will ever get me to the end game - the people I admire don't yo-yo, or stop-start. They commit.

Its actually priceless. In reality, you don't need expensive kit, or gym memberships - you just need you - to commit, to be consistent, to give 100% or more every day. To love the process, not get frustrated with it. To be strong enough to push when you are tired, when you don't want to bother, when you are fatigued, and sore and can think of a million and one reasons not to try, to put it off until tomorrow, or maybe the day after - money cannot buy that. It can make things a little easier, certainly, a little more accessible, definitely, it can improve your chances of course but it cannot make you work for it, and it cannot buy the results.

A good body is priceless. And that is the ultimate status symbol - having what noone can buy and knowing its yours.

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