Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Fuerteventura 2017 - holiday memories

Tousled or tangled - the joys of beach hair

We headed of for our summer holiday in August - Fuerteventura this time. We stayed in the Riu hotel right on the beach and it was amazing. The beach was out of this world, much like Gran Canaria's beach really with its stunning dunes and mountains. 

I can honestly say that I have never laughed so much on a holiday as this time. We had a ball, soaking up the beautiful sunshine, jumping in the waves, a spot of body boarding. A few beers - of course, and the odd glass of wine. Rude not to really. 

Leaving our footsteps in the sand, then watching the waves erase them - somehow mesmerising. 

For me, no holiday is complete without a good read. Three books I got through this time. Feeling the warmth on my skin (factor 30 thickly applied), a nice cold beer, sand in my toes and a good book - absolute heaven for me.

We had a fantastic room - huge balcony terrace on the ground floor, but very private. Surrounded by beautiful palm trees - perfect for pre going out photo's. 

And the odd selfie of course!

Although we went all-inclusive, we always like to get out into the local area at least one evening. So we headed out for a lovely meal, a stroll around the bay and a couple of drinks. Such a beautiful location. 

In the evening, when the sun was almost set, it had this sort of dusky twilight light which made it seem magical. 

It was the sort of place where people would leave behind the things they no longer needed - body boards, inflatables - things are awkward to travel with. So we dropped on with two boards, and just had to purchase a third. We had some fun with these. 

The temperature barely dropped below 30 the whole week away. Usually the Canary Islands tend to go a bit chilly in the evenings, but not this time. It was still in the 20's and whilst there was a breeze, it was warm. We absolutely loved this place. Definitely recommended if you are looking for some sun - winter or summer - The Canaries are hard to beat. 

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