Wednesday, 29 August 2018

If You Had to Choose One Last Meal - What Would You Choose?

Would you go healthy with a salad box?

Traditional dinner with gravy?

Decisions, decisions, decisions. I got to thinking about what I might choose as a last meal whilst completing a survey about of all things, traditional chips. You know - the chip shop chip which you get with salt and vinegar, or gravy, or mushy peas, or even, exotically, curry sauce!! I'm not really a chip eater, so that wasn't even on my list if I had just one final meal looming before me. 

So what would I opt for? I personally am most likely a fussier eater than most, as steaks, most fish, and anything off the bone are firmly off the radar for me. My choices would likely, now I put my mind to it, heading more in the curry direction - Chicken Tikka Massalla, or Balti, maybe something to really spice it up like a Vindaloo or a Madras. 

But then I do love a good chinese or thai meal - chicken chop suey or sweet and sour, beef in black bean sauce maybe, or possibly a great chow mein, with prawn crackers of course! Then there is thai green or thai red curry - lovely. 

Then again, I do like Mexican food - I love my chilli's, my nachos, my tacos, burritos, enchilada's, fajitas, hmm. Maybe I would choose mexican then. Oh but wait - what about Spanish and Greek? I love Tapas - you cannot beat Croquettes, or skewers, mixed olives, hummus, patatas bravas - the list is long. Greek? we are talking stuffed vine leaves, tzatziki, moussaka!

Maybe I would go for British - pie, or maybe a great doorstep sandwich, or perhaps something like yorkshire pudding with a carvery, and lots of veg, or shepherds pie or hotpot. Then again, there is more American fodder like burgers, hotdogs, corndogs or fried chicken. Or then there is Italian - linguine, bruschetta, carbonara, pizza, ravioli, lasagne. 

Actually, now I think about it - its going to have to be Italian for me. How about you? What would your last meal be? 

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