Saturday, 18 August 2018

Losing weight costs less

I finally figured out another reason for sticking to this old weight loss plan of mine. When I am being healthy and on a diet, I eat less, and also, as a further incentive to stick to it, I eat healthier food - fruit, veg, wholegrains, that on the whole, work out much cheaper!!

For example - when I am derailed from the path of the straight and narrow, I eat takeaways. Not every day, but even weekly, you are talking £20 - £30 for the two of us. I can do the whole weeks shopping for that, and that is only for one evening meal. Makes me think that it really isn't worth it for health reasons and financial.

Another comparison - when I am being unhealthy, and not bothering to think about meals and planning, I often oft for quick and easy meals - I'm talking things you can zap in the microwave - microwave packets of rice for instance. They cost anywhere from £1 to £1.59 per pack for branded, or £0,60 for own brand. Compare that to boil in the bag brown rice - 4 packs for £0.80 or for dried rice you can get 1KG for about £1.50.

Thats mainstream supermarket prices of course. If I go to the cheaper cost supermarkets, its cheaper still. It just means cooking from scratch rather than being quick, but we aren't talking hours of time.

The other thing is that when I am dieting, my portion sizes shrink too. That means that not only is the food I buy cheaper, but I eat less of it, which makes it go further. I don't know why this hasn't occured to me before.

Losing weight costs less than gaining it. Now, saving money is another factor it might just convince me to make the right choice and stick to my plan!!

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