Tuesday, 7 August 2018

What I will do when I get to goal weight :)

I live in a world of lists. Yes, I am that person. The compulsive list writer!!

I have Comping wishlists - check it out here.  I have written wishlists here on my blog here.

I record the films I have watched to find out how many I have seen. I list my travels, where I have been and where I want to go.  Lists for to do, to get, to have, to try!!

So, I decided to write a list of what I will do when I actually do get to goal weight: So here we go with another list!!

  • Buy all new lingerie
  • Get a suit made to measure
  • Buy a designer frock
  • Get a really elaborate bikini
  • Treat myself to a spa break
  • Strut my stuff in new gym gear
  • Wear heels all the time!!
  • Wear bright colours
  • Get a great coat
  • Smarten up my work wardrobe
  • Buy a great pair of jeans
  • Have a slap up meal
  • Get my eyelashes done
  • Get my nails done
  • Get a spray tan
  • Get a pedicure
  • Get a massage
  • Wear the shortest shorts! 
Most importantly, stop talking about reaching goal weight and just enjoy it! 

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