Friday, 7 September 2018

New Start for September - having another bite

I've been blogging awhile now, as a hobby really, just about the things I do, the things I like, the things I want to do - you know the drill. I like to blog about my travels, my life, my loves, food, music - whatever and wherever takes my fancy.

I've never really considered it as anything more than something I enjoy. But of late, a small change in my life has made me stop and consider why I do it and how I do it and whether there might just be a different way of doing it.

Ok, lets start at the beginning, the very beginning - a very good place to start. At first, I just quoted people, did the odd film review. Then, for a while, it was all about photos. Then music.

Now, I feel I need some structure to what I am doing. I am soon to start a new job, a new sector, a new location and it has made me take stock. I am going to reboot, rearrange, and start not again, but have another bite at it.

The new blog will be like this:

  • single of the week
  • retro single of the week 
  • what I am watching this week
  • my travels - look back and new explorations
  • what I am listening to this week
  • book of the month
  • film review - fortnightly
  • things to do this month
  • national days - daily
  • national weeks - weekly
  • national months - monthly
  • count down to christmas
  • diet and fitness
  • wishlists
  • top 10's
  • 3 degrees of separation
  • learning spanish
  • word of the week
  • product of the month
  • sunday motivation
  • reasons to ...
  • my week with .... 

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