Sunday, 4 November 2018

It's November - bring on the Fireworks!!

I love November. Its one of my favourite months. The nights are long and dark, the days are generally short and bleak. Not sounding so appealing.

Ok, ok, November can be considered a non month really, once you get past the fun and games of Bonfire Night.

What I love is how its a pause. Everything seems to slow down. The madness of the Christmas month hasn't quite set in. Halloween is done and dusted.

The weather isn't fit for BBQ's and garden fetes. Its not a month I usually go on holiday in but this year we are which is just wonderful!! . Its a month to slow the pace, recharge, and go for lovely walks in the outdoors, then cosy up in a warm place.

Yes, November is right up there. Enjoy :)

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