Saturday, 22 December 2018

Christmas presents - the Don't list

You may have the best intentions, but when it comes to Christmas presents these are best avoided unless you are specifically asked :

  • vacuum cleaner
  • washing up liquid
  • cloths, dusters, scourers
  • cleaning equipment
  • iron or ironing board
  • exercise equipment
  • electric bicycle
  • sports clothes
  • gym membership
  • health treatments
  • acne or spot treatments
  • medical solutions
  • control underwear
  • mops or brushes
  • toothbrush
  • unbranded clothing
  • used items unless they are vintage
  • vintage items if they are just old and outdated
  • imitations and fakes
  • crude items like fake dog poo etc.. 
  • clothes that are far too big in size (think size 18 when shes a size 12)
  • clothes that are far too small (think size 10 when she's a 14)

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