Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Christmas Songs Day 6 - Kylie 'Santa Baby'

Day 6 and I have chosen Kylie's version of 'Santa Baby'.

'Santa Baby' was originally released back in 1953 and was sung by Eartha Kitt which is a truly great song. However, for me, Kylie's version just added that bit of magic.

Kylie released her version in 2000, and it reached number 6 in the charts. She does a cute but sexy, very sassy Christmas number on this classic and I love it.

This is more of a Christmas song for women rather than children - all about being spoilt with bling and luxuries - my kind of Christmas list!!

I love this song, so there we have my Christmas song number 6.

Here are the first 5:

Day 5 - Elton John 'Step into Christmas'
Day 4 - Wham 'Last Christmas'
Day 3 - Band Aid 'Do They Know its Christmas'
Day 2 - Wizzard 'I Wish it Could be Christmas'
Day 1 - Johnny Mathis - Its Beginning to Look at lot like Christmas

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