Sunday, 6 January 2019

A New Year - 2019 - 'to do' list

It wouldn't be right to start a new year without a slight hangover, or indeed a major one, but regardless there are things to be done today.

Here is my list:

  • Make a start on taking all the Christmas decorations down
  • Eat the remaining Christmas chocolate (tough job)
  • Plan my 2019 resolutions
  • Review my partially succeeded 2018 resolutions
  • Make some very new resolutions
  • Have a final indulgent and calorie / carb loaded day before D - day on Monday
  • Wish everyone a Happy New Year
  • Plan my diet and fitness plan for the year
  • Watch some rubbish / great New Year telly
  • Pick a new single of the week
  • Launch what's new on my blog for 2019
  • Get the house stocked up ready for the summer body plan!! 

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