Friday, 4 January 2019

Its Beginning to Look a lot like it was never Christmas

So, its bad luck, supposedly, to leave your decorations up after twelfth night. No danger here let me tell you.

The decorations are down, neatly packed away. The tree is dismantled, boxed up and packed back in the loft ready for next time. The lights are all raveled up and untangled and back away.

I have been up the step ladders, and the gorgeous blue icicle lights are down from the garage and the front and are also packed away. The gorgeous advent calendars are waiting their return to my mum.

The house has been de-glittered - hoovered and dusted. Everywhere has been put back in order - chocolates almost gone, and just a few remnants left to scoff before the diet begins again.

Its looking a lot like Christmas never happened. Normality is restored.

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