Sunday, 6 January 2019

Summer Bodies are Made in Winter

Its autumn, heading into winter. I am looking forward to my holidays in spring, and I want a beach body. The important thing to remember though, is that the body I want to have in summer will be made right now, in autumn and winter.

Long, dark, cold nights = exercise, exercise and more exercise. This is something I've never really thought about before. I always get mid spring and then start thinking about it. The thing is though, that summer bodies are made in winter.

I am going to remember this and put it into action. Working hard when I don't have to display any flesh, so that when the time comes when the weather warms up and I do, is the plan. When it gets warm, I want to able to wear light, skimpy summer numbers without the dread feeling I usually get.

So here is the plan:
  • 2-3 additional gym sessions per week
  • 30 day body challenge (different ones x 2) 
  • morning exercise every week day
  • 10,000 steps per day
  • lots of protein
  • cut down on carbs
  • cut down on sugar
  • walk everywhere
  • cut down on alcohol
  • lose 2 stone
And there we have it. My summer body is going to be made in winter. I love a good plan :) 

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