Sunday, 3 February 2019

My Travels in Barcelona

I decided to book my other half a romantic break. After perusing the reviews and travel sites, I decided on Barcelona. Now, whilst it is possible to be romantic - its a beautiful city, its so much more than that. We stayed on La Ramblas, next to the Gothic quarter, and it was amazing, in your face and totally authentic.

We were more towards the middle of La Ramblas, so just a couple of minutes walk from the monument and the harbour.

Of course no trip to Barcelona could be complete without the obligatory visit to the Nou Camp stadium or Camp Nou as the Spanish actually call it. When in Spain... 

Then there is the Gaudi masterpiece, that is still being worked on, Sagrada Familiar - started in 1882. Crikey! How breathtaking though. 

Our hotel being on La Ramblas, we tried some of the local Tapas - very nice. The actual area though is mega busy and bustling - exciting and a bit intimidating all at the same time. 

The port is beautiful and catching it at sunset is a must. Some of the yachts further around are out of this world - how the other half live. 

For our final night, as we had watched the sunset, we opted for pink mojitos. 

We loved this city break - but its not for the faint hearted. Its one of those places that you remember forever. One off the bucket list for sure! 

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