Friday, 15 February 2019

Reasons to Diet #33 - I want to stop thinking about my weight

My reason to diet #33 is simple - I want to stop thinking about my weight. At times, its all I can think about and it drives me mad! I want to just think about everything else and not have everything come back to thinking about what I weigh.

Its like this - I start to think about holidays and then - bang - my brain locks onto the issue over what I weigh now, what I want to weigh, how long I have from now until then to lose however much weight it is I need to lose. It would be so good to be at the end weight, and not have to go into planning mode over how many pounds I have to lose each week to reach the end weight.

I go shopping and I see something I like and then - boosh - I start thinking I need to lose x amount before I buy this or that. Or I go for a meal and I want a starter and then I have to stop, think about my weight and opt for low fat this, healthy that and I feel like its a grey cloud over me all the time.

So this is why I want to diet - to get to the point where my weight does not rule my conscious mind!

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