Thursday, 14 February 2019

What not to do on Valentines Day....

It occurred to me this being the month of love as they say, that Valentines Day will soon be upon us. The first event of the year post New Year really, and its one of those times when romance is supposed to be all around. Hmm.

A very interesting discussion took place between my step daughter and the other half this week, consisting of what, if anything, he might be planning to get me this year, or do for me. The usual "oh it shouldn't be just one day" etc aside, everyone expects at least a card if they are in a relationship, and hopes for a surprise if they aren't! Just me? Surely not.

My other half has done pretty well in previous years - everything from flowers, a meal, wine, chocs to a night out, cinema and presents - gig tickets, T-shirt for a gig (ACDC last year). He's quite good.

However, in this discussion, he joked that he was going to get me an iron. My response was that if he was so dumb as to get me such a mundane purchase for a romantic occasion, he would find it inserted somewhere!!

This got me thinking about what you should absolutely not do on Valentines. Here is my list of the "don't do's" for your loved one this year (applies to male and female respectively):

  • Buy them an iron!! (bad)
  • Buy them an ironing board!! (even worse)
  • Forget altogether :(
  • Put the wrong name on the card
  • Spell fiance or fiancee wrong - get the male / female tense correct will you!
  • Put a ? then take offence if they don't realise its from you
  • Ask for an expensive item for yourself then go cheap in return
  • Complain about the cost of what you give
  • Mention previous loves in conversation over a romantic meal - just don't! 
  • Talk with your mouth full - not romantic
  • Use the wrong cutlery if you are somewhere posh - do your homework first
  • Invite the kids to join you - if unavoidable, at least try to do something for the two of you
  • Buy underwear in the wrong size - offensive if too big or depressing if too small
If you avoid these common mistakes, you should have a wonderful Valentines Day - or if you are single, just enjoy not having to bother at all and eat chocolate, drink wine and be happy :) 

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