Wednesday, 10 July 2019

What I'm Watching this Week

  • The Walking Dead. Totally back to the start - series 1, episode 1. Absolutely terrifying. Rick in the hospital, Shane leaving him. Moving onto Merle being left handcuffed on the roof. Truly brilliant, even second, or this might even be third time around!

  • Love Island 2019. Loving this years hopefuls. Wishing I was enjoying the sun with them. Can I just also say that the music this year they play in the background is the best ever!! 

  • Banshee. Back on to watching this from the start to on the old boxset. What a show, what a guy, what a storyline. Brilliant bit of retro binge watching! 

  • Films. I have watched Suicide Squad, Doomsday, Final Destination 5 and Pacific Rim so far this week. Result! 

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