Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Gran Canaria 2017 - Our Place in the Sun

We headed off to Gran Canaria for our fourth trip. Its become my favourite place ever, even more so than Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. There is just something about the area we visit that we love.

It always feel safe and friendly. The weather is great, the sea is powerful and amazing, the beach is out of this world. The food is great, you can eat for reasonable money, and the drinks are lovely. We have been all inclusive, bed and breakfast and most recently self catering, and its just fabulous.

This year we stayed in what was called a "bungalow". It was fab but it wasn't a bungalow - it was upstairs and downstairs! 

It was mega - our own private little terrace, a balcony upstairs too and right next the pool - heated too! 

The food and drink was amazing. First night - chinese chow mein. Yum. 

With wine of course - rude not to. 

We even found a turtle pool! Aren't they fab? Loved them. 

The sunsets in Gran Canaria are beautiful. It goes a little chilly at night due to the wind, but its lovely after a hot day. 

 Canarian potatoes at Tapas bars are a must. My favourite.

Accompanied by Long Island Ice Tea which is lush.

I just never get bored of this place. The palm trees, the lighthouse, the shops, the bars, the restaurants, the people - perfect place. 

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