Saturday, 2 November 2019

10 Scary Films for Halloween #3 - The Conjuring

10 scary films for halloween number 3. The Conjuring.

This is quite a recent film. It only came out in 2013. This is also very very scary. It centres on a couple who happen to be paranormal investigators. One of whom is played by Patrick Wilson, who is also the star of another very scary film - Insidious. The other is his wife played by Very Farmiga, who is also the star of a scary film - Orphan.

They play Ed and Lorraine. It is seriously creepy right from the get go. It starts with them listening to a story about a haunted doll. Now, I am not a doll fan anyway. I find them sinister, and this did not help that phobia at all!!

This was 1968. In 1971 another couple are moving in to their new house with their family. Weird stuff starts to happen, their dog is found dead. The scariest bit by far is the clap hands game, when someone who is not one of them claps hands! Arggghh!! Behind the pillow time for me.

The investigators are called in, and they trace it all back to a witch 'Bathsheba'. Loads of scary stuff then ensures - paranormal activity, possession - terrifying. I won't ruin the end for you, but it kind of leaves you hanging.

This one truly scared me, so is a perfect choice for Halloween scares.  You can see the full list over at My Films page by clicking here.

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