My Battle with the Bulge

How to get slim! 
  • Jogging - outdoors, no cost involved, and no excuses apart from the monsoon rain!! 
  • Gym - lots of cardio, fat burning - stepper, stair master, cross trainer
  • Running - gym treadmill - intervals - hills and sprints
  • Ab work - can't see them at the moment, but they need to be ready for their moment!!
  • Green Tea - can't stand it, but I will literally try anything right now!!
  • Fat metabolisers - yep. Cheat it - science like
  • Water - drink lots of the wet stuff. Its supposed to help!!
  • Grapefruit - apparently it helps burn fat. Likewise celery
  • Exercise first thing before eating anything - negative calories burned! 
  • Do squats. Every day. 
  • Weights - arms, chest and back will benefit, plus burns calories
  • Low carb - keep it low. 
  • High protein - focus on the proteins. 
  • Move more - walk everywhere rather than drive
  • Smaller portions - cut portions down by a third
  • cut out snacks - apart from fruit
  • 5 a day - make sure to stock up on the fruit and veg
  • 3 Day Diet - 3 days on, 2 days off. Ongoing
  • Swimming - whenever I get the chance - home or away
  • Cycling - get my bike out, get on it
  • Kettle Bells. Ultimate fat burning and toning
  • Dancing - anywhere, anytime
  • Zumba - get my DVD out and burn it!! 
  • Gym classes - worth a try I suppose
  • Squash - oh yeah - chance to hit something hard! 
  • Weight watchers - yes, I know. But it works for me!! 
  • Cut down / cut out the alcohol. How many calories does that glass of wine contain!! 
  • Choose healthy options, and no starters or desserts
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Reasons to stick to my diet

Number 1
#Reason No 1 - I want to look good in a bikini!! 

This is my intention to think of a reason every day to stick to my diet. 

If I can keep that thought in mind for each whole day, I hope it will be enough to keep me motivated and inspired. 

Number 2
#Reason No 2 - I want to be a Size 10/12

My intention to think of a reason every day to stick to my diet. 

If I can keep this thought in mind for each whole day, I hope it will be enough to keep me motivated and inspired.

Reason Number 2 is that I have reached a Size 12 once or twice, but never maintained it, and I need to be a bit smaller still. So size 10/12 is the goal. 

Number 3
Reason number 3 to stick to my diet: To fit into all those lovely clothes in my wardrobe!!

I have many items in my wardrobe that I can't currently wear. Some are mere pounds away from fitting, some I can barely get up to my knees!! Some do fit, but look awful because they fit in all the wrong places!!

It would be lovely to open my wardrobe and just be able to select an item, knowing it will fit me. It would make packing for holiday a pleasure, not a challenge!!

Number 4
My reason number 4 for sticking to my diet is to look good at work. I am fed up of wearing the same old clothes every day. I want to be able to wear what I want to wear, not just black and grey.

I want to be more stylish, more groomed, more put together. So my fourth reason is to look good at work.

Number 5
Number 5 on my list of reasons to stick to my diet is to have more confidence. When I gain weight, I feel self conscious, and horrible, and grumpy.

When I lose some weight, I have more confidence, I feel happier and better. So that's reason number 5!

Number 6:
I want to be noticed for the right reasons!! I am fed up of walking into bars, restaurants, offices and feeling eyes on me - for all the wrong reasons! I want to be the person that gets looks in a good way. So that is my reason number 6!!

Number 7:
Ok so number 7 is a bit different. This reason is a bit of a phobia I seem to have developed. I have a real issue with facing the mirrors at the gym. When I am working certain exercises, I am supposed to check my technique in the mirror. Not me, no way, never!! I will face the other way, or if I have no choice, I will look anywhere but at that damn mirror!!

So reason number 7 for sticking to my diet is to reach a weight where I am comfortable seeing myself in the mirror when I work out.

Number 8 :
When I am overweight in the summer when its warm, it makes me feel even more hot and uncomfortable. I lose weight to go on holiday abroad, and it feels so good being able to wear bikini's, shorts and skirts.

Unfortunately, when I get home to the UK, I gain weight and then when it gets warm here, I am not able to wear my summer clothes. This is ridiculous. So I am changing the pattern this year and I am going to be slim for the summer here for once!!!

I want to be cool, and look cool, not hot and uncomfortable!!!

Number 9:
Today, I want to get under the stone mark. I am sick of almost reaching goal, then never quite getting under that stone mark!!!!

Number 10:
As a woman, and just turned 40, the area around my middle is a problem. Always has been if I'm brutally honest, but now it bugs me more than ever!!

So, my reason to continue with this intense plan is that - I want that middle trimmed down and not bulging over the top of my waistbands!!
Its also a reason to do a lot of abs. :)

Number 11:
I have never been one of those women that throws on a pair of shorts in summer. At a push, I will don a pair on holiday where noone I know is likely to see me but I don't have the pins for shorty shorts.

I would love to have toned pins so that I can - so that's today's motivation :)

Number 12:
Today's reason to stick to my diet and exercise plan is that I want to see my cheekbones again. I am very lucky to possess good bone structure - I have been told many times.

Many times that is, when you can actually see them, unlike now!! My face is the first place weight seems to go from when I lose it. Unfortunately, its also the first place that it goes back on, which is what I am rocking or sadly not, at the moment.

So, today's reason is to rediscover them bones them bones them dry bones. Cheekbones that it is :)

Number 13:
Today's reason to stick to the diet - lying on the sofa won't make me bikini ready!! And yet I am having one of those days when that is all I want to do.

I just want to put my head in those cushions, lay back, still a film on and be done with it. But I can't. Well, I could, but then there would be no point when I am looking back on holiday in beating myself up and feeling fat. If I choose that option, I deserve to look crap on the beach.

So, today's reason is that lying on the sofa will not make me bikini ready. So that has to be a start to get me up and active today and stay away from the chocolates!! :)

Number 14:
Today's reason to stick to the diet - I want to look good in lingerie.

Yes, its that female enjoyment of wearing beautiful underwear. The problem at the moment, is that my underwear is tending to be functional rather than beautiful. This must change.

I want to wear gorgeous lacy things, delicate items - not boulder holders!! So that is today's reason to stick to the diet. :)

Number 15:
Today's reason to stick to the diet - I am not getting any younger!!

Right - its that old saying that as you get older, you generally thicken out, and gain a few pounds. Now, if this is the case, having just turned 40 myself, it sure is not going to get any easier battling against my body.

If age does slow the metabolism, all the more reason to lose the weight now, before biology starts to tick against me!!

So that is today's reason to motivate me, and as reasons go, this one seems to be pretty powerful!! :)

Number 16:
Today's reason for sticking to my diet - I want toned arms.

Yep, I want rid of the bingo wings and the armpit fat. I'm not really that big - probably somewhere between a size 12 and a size 14 at the present time - a size 13 if you will, if there was such a thing!!

However, I want my arms to be defined, to be toned, to get rid of these annoying flabby bits so that I look nice in dresses and am not worried about the hammy area at the top of my arms.

Diet alone won't shift this so I need to up the ante on the weight front.

Number 17:
Today's reason to stick to the diet - I want to have some wine!!

Yes, when I reach goal weight, or holiday, whichever comes first, I can finally have some wine!! But only, and I repeat, only, if I get under that stone mark!!

So that is today's reason. Bribery. Works a treat with me :)

Number 18:
Today's reason to stick to the diet is that I want rid of the muffin top!!

I am losing weight, I am sticking to the exercise and yet still, that unsightly bulge over my waistband when I sit down remains. I don't know how slim I will need to get to in order to get rid of this damned bit of flab, but I am determined.

So that is today's reason. No more muffins - either the food variety or the overhang!! :)

Number 19:
Yep, today's reason is simple. It is not at all long now until my holiday. I am just weeks away now, and I have to make each day count!!

Tonight, I could easily have given in. The last thing in the world I wanted for my tea tonight was the 3 day diet measly portions. But I have done it. Why? Because I want to be the best I can be when I get on that plane.

Ok, so miracles don't happen, but I can at least be unbloated and more streamlined that if I pig out at this point!!

Number 20:
Today's reason to stick to my diet is that the scales have not dropped on weigh in this morning. I was really fed up. I have been so good, exercised so much, every single day.

The result? Stayed the bloody same!! So, today's reason to stick to it is exactly that - I haven't lost any weight, so I have to keep going until I do!!

Number 21:
Today's reason to stick to the diet - I want to go to posh restaurants!!

What I mean is, that I want to get dressed up in glamorous clothes looking amazing and go out to posh restaurants. I do go out, to lovely places, but I always feel frumpy.

I end up overeating- starters, mains and puddings, washed down with wine. Calorific? Hell yes. Taste good? Damn right!!

The problem is the getting ready and how I feel about me. I want to look nice, to feel confident. I do not want to look like the person who orders everything on the menu!!

So that is today's reason, so that one day, I will look like the person I want to be :)

Number 22: 
Today's reason for sticking to my diet is because I am fed up of being fed up about my weight and my body. I go on a diet, lose a bit, go on holiday or to the wedding - whatever the event that prompted the weight loss.

I pile it on again, and it all starts all over again. I never maintain - I only ever lose or gain. The more fed up I get, the harder I try, but then when I get to the end of the path, I go overboard everytime. I put it on and I feel fed up. I eat what I want, but then I feel fed up when I am fat.

So, that's today's reason - I do not want to be fed up about this anymore. It is just ridiculous and it has to stop.

Number 23:
Today's Reason to stick to my Diet - I want toned inner thighs My legs are toning up a bit, slowly. I am developing some good definition, but clearly, my inner thighs are not being worked in quite the same manner, as they are refusing to change.

My inner thighs are flabby and unsightly, and nothing - not squats, not Zumba, not running, seems to be making a difference. Losing weight will help of course. It won't tone them up, but it will remove some of the fat.

However, in order to accomplish this goal, I need to stick to my diet, every day, and stick to the exercise plan but also add some specialist moves to tone these bad boys up!!

So that is today's reason - if I do not stick to it, I shall have flabby inner thighs forever!! Not having that!! :)

Number 24: 
Today's reason to stick to my diet is that I want to be proud of my body. I am 40 years old, and not once have I felt totally proud of how I look.

Don't get me wrong - sometimes I look ok and I scrub up well, but put me in a bikini or a pair of shorts and panic sets in. I resign myself to how I look thinking "when I reach goal weight" and then it never happens.

Not this time!!! This time, I am going to exercise, I am going to diet, I am going to reach goal and why? Because I want to be proud of my body.

Number 25:
Today's reason for sticking to the diet is that I want to be in control and not my body. My mind needs to rule, not my hunger or cravings.

This is the problem - I get the strongest desire to eat crap and drink wine. Or a lovely cold beer and a burger, or crisps, or cheese or cake. Its never good stuff. I give in and then I enjoy it for a few minutes, and then within minutes, I am feeling fat and horrible, and the impact lasts for days.

I am tired of being ruled by cravings for fatty foods and I want to be in control. The longer I stick to the plan, the more I form new habits to replace the unhealthy ones and the better I feel mentally because then I am in the driving seat and in control.

Number 26:
Today's reason to stick to my diet is how wonderful it feels to lose weight. When you get on the scales, and it has dropped, its a good feeling.

When the pounds start to add up and become half stones it feels great. When you start to drop whole stones and look and feel better, its the best feeling ever.

I need to keep that in mind, as the reverse is also true. When you get on those scales and its gone up, it feels awful.

So, I need to remember how bad it feels when the scales go up and how wonderful it feels when my weight is coming down.

Number 27:
Today's reason to stick to the plan is simple - I will never get my ass in shape by sitting on it!!

What I am saying is that there is no point sitting around, bemoaning the fact that I am not at goal weight whilst spending my time sitting on my backside. If I want a banging body and to reach goal weight, I have to get up and move and work at it.

Number 28:
Today's reason to stick to my diet - I want to be free to have a pint!!

Today was a lovely sunny day, and it killed me not being able to just go to the pub, sit in the beer garden and have a cold pint of lager. I used to do it a lot, but then I realised I was overweight and wanted to not be, so I stopped doing it to lose the weight.

The problem is that I spend most of damn summer trying to lose weight and I never get to have that pint!! So I want to stick to my diet, get to goal weight, and stay there.

Then I can have my pint in the sun!!

Number 29:
Today's Reason to Diet is that I want to enjoy the sunshine not dread it.

It breaks down like this - the sun comes out, I panic. I have a desperate hunt through my wardrobe to find something I can be cool enough it whilst not looking like a hippo.

It gets on my nerves. I should be like "yay, sunshine, damn girl". Nope. It fills me full of fear.

So that is today's reason.

Number 30:
Today's Reason to Diet is that I want to look good wet.

Yep, no matter how much I can hold it in, patch it up and camouflage when it comes to getting in the water, all bets are off. I want to be able to get in that pool, dive in those waves, and come out looking good instead of coming out looking like I have narrowly avoided the harpoon!!

I want to be as glamourous soaking wet as when I am fully loaded with the war paint and spanx!!

That is today's reason :)

Number 31:
Today's Reason to Diet is that I want to show off my belly piercing!! Yes, I finally got it done, so now I need the body to be able to show it off!!

That is today's reason :)

Number 32: 
Today's reason to stick to the diet is that I want to be a good role model. My step daughter loves her food, but I want to be able to encourage her to be healthy and to exercise.

I feel a bit of a hypocrite if I am overweight and not in shape, so that is today's reason :)

Number 33:
My reason to diet #33 is simple - I want to stop thinking about my weight. At times, its all I can think about and it drives me mad! I want to just think about everything else and not have everything come back to thinking about what I weigh.

Its like this - I start to think about holidays and then - bang - my brain locks onto the issue over what I weigh now, what I want to weigh, how long I have from now until then to lose however much weight it is I need to lose. It would be so good to be at the end weight, and not have to go into planning mode over how many pounds I have to lose each week to reach the end weight.

I go shopping and I see something I like and then - boosh - I start thinking I need to lose x amount before I buy this or that. Or I go for a meal and I want a starter and then I have to stop, think about my weight and opt for low fat this, healthy that and I feel like its a grey cloud over me all the time.

So this is why I want to diet - to get to the point where my weight does not rule my conscious mind!

Number 34:

Yes, I recently discovered that because I am with a life insurance company who value good health, if I get to target weight and maintain it, I will get a cheaper insurance.

Not only that, but you also get perks like free cinema tickets and discounts on healthy stuff. Fab. What more reason do I need!!

Number 35:
My reason to stick to my diet number 35 is because of my wedding. Scheduled, but not yet booked for 2019-20, I need to get to goal weight before I can even begin to think about my dress.

I have no idea what style I want as I have no idea if what is in my head will look right on my body, until said body is at the right weight. I don't know if my goal weight is going to be the right weight until I get there, and as I never quite manage it, its making it difficult to crack on with my wedding plans.

Now that is a big incentive and should be all the motivation I need this time!

Reward list
  • Haircut
  • Nails done 
  • Facial
  • Spa massage
  • Spa body treatment
  • Spray tan
  • Pedicure
  • Swarovski bracelet
  • Pandora charm
  • Eyebrow wax
  • Waxing
Current attempt:
Diet started 4th September 2017
Goal = 3 stone to lose

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