Friday, 18 October 2013

MOVIE REVIEW - Jack Reacher

So I watched this with a little caution given the fuss that has been made over Tom Cruise playing the part when the books depicted someone with an entirely different physique. That said, as I am not an aficionado of said books it was perhaps more easy for me to just enjoy the superior storyline without the cloud over the main lead. Cruise is convincingly without guilt here and whilst we all know is somewhat shorter than many Hollywood hard men is very good at playing the part of the trained killer/tough guy. The lead female is quite wooden however, Rosamund Pike is not known for her thespian attributes and is badly cast here.

That said, it doesnt distract from the pace and flow of this gritty thriller and in my humble opinion is one of the better book to film adaptations. Well worth a watch - the sinister creepy bad guy is great, the story is great, all bar Pike the casting is great and Cruise is to be honest at his best in this. 8 1/2 out of 10 i give this.

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