Saturday, 26 October 2013


This is one of my all time favourite spooky films. Not horror, just spooky. Its a supernatural tale, set against a stunningly eerie backdrop of intertwined trees, mist and gloom. Its based the old legend of Sleepy Hollow and the story weaves its way through a small town where virtually everyone has a connection.

The story begins with a beheading at the hands of the headless horseman, played by the always frightful Christopher Walken! Johnny Depp as Ichabod Crane brings the perfect nerdy yet steadfast element to this olde world sinister tale. The developing emotional contact when Crane meets Katrina Van Tassel beings some depth, and makes you care where the axe may fall next.

Michael Gambon and Miranda Richardson bring integrity to the tale, as they play Baltus Van Tassel and deceiptful Lady Van Tassel.  What I love most about this film is the visual dark beauty - now the norm with a Tim Burton flick, but mostly I love the way the tale twists and turns to its quite shocking ending.

This is a great one for Halloween spookiness without preventing you from sleeping! I give this a ghoulish 7 our of 10.

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