Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Life of Pi - My MOVIE Reviews

I have just watched the Life of Pi for the very first time. What am amazing film!

Lets start at the beginning - the tale of a small boy, eyes wide with the wonders of the world. He meets a tiger called Richard Parker! Some mix up of the names, but what a fantastic name for a huge powerful Bengal tiger. The beast is majestic from the very start.

He meets a girl, and his heart is broken when his family must leave India for Canada, taking with them their zoo animals. A ferocious storm batters the ship, leaving Pi stranded on a lifeboat with a zebra. The zebra having fallen on to the boat, breaking its leg.

Enter an orang-utan and a hyena, followed shortly after by the arrival of Richard Parker. I won't spoil it by saying what happens then, but suffice to say, only Pi and Richard remain to the end.

Stunning visual beauty and amazing that 2 main characters and a boat can make you feel such emotion. This film made me sob, though I cannot entirely describe why that is.

The ending is very clever indeed, and I love that final scene where it is the true story that sits best, as fantastic as it is. Utterly brilliant, 100% recommended. 10 out 10. Go watch it, get hankies at the ready if you are an emotional type such as I.

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