Saturday, 9 November 2013

The road to slim - 9th Nov

Well, PT session number 2 under my belt. I went along last night for my session, with legs that were still achy, still a bit painful to touch, and I was expecting to not be up to doing much at all. So it was with some trepidation that I arrived.

To my dismay, he immediately stated that we were doing more leg work, and that we needed to build up my strength. More squats with belgian bag, but with some floor work in between - he had me do a plank (bad) with a belgian bag on my back (very bad!).

Next, raised step box, and I had to step on lift my outer leg and push a weighted ball up at the same time. Then repeat on the other leg. Following this, I had to step on and off the box, with feet on it then to either side, again with a weighted gym ball, and to squat over the box.

Then it was cardio time. Fast walk, with sprints on an incline started the interval training on the treadmill. Next, was the cross trainer, with slow jogs, then fast sprints on a higher level. I thought it was over, but alas, more was to come.

Abs next. Full sit ups and various crunches, as unfortunately, one thing I have strength in is my abs. He soon realised this, and pushed me even harder. Almost over, I gave it my all.

The final challenge - squats and rows with the ropes. Basically holding the handles on the ropes, you squat to the floor tensing the ropes, then pull yourself up with them, so it works your full body. 15 of those and I could feel everything burn. But it was over and I survived.

The most surprising thing was that my legs actually felt better after than they did before - the pain went. They ached, but no pain. Today, I can feel the burn as they say, but still no pain.

But by far the best point was when I got on the scales this morning. A whopping 5lb drop since Monday. Not even a week! Thats a dent in the target already - am very pleased!!

Weight loss total - 5lbs
Start Date: 4.11.13
Goal - 3 1/2 stone or 49lbs.
Pounds to lose = 44lbs

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