Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Tonight's homework - "how to" using bossy and imperative verbs no less!!

So tonight, little G's homework was a "how to do" task. She's 8. The task was to pick something that you could describe in step by step with pictures.

We chose to do pasta with sauce. Cue much discussion over how much pasta, how much water, how big the pan, what sort of bowl! Who would have thought it took so much preparation?

We then got onto the diagram - she had a great idea - to draw the pasta as it fell into the pan. Easier said than done.

Next up was whether it should be bullet points, numbered points or paragraphs? Decision made - numbered points. Then we had the required spelling for the ingredients - I don't recall every trying to spell Passata. (I know have learned that it is 2 ss's and one t!) along with spices including coriander, garlic and basil.

I am now aware that the verbs we were required to use, as G informed me knowingly, were firstly - "bossy verbs" and secondly "imperative verbs". So now I know!

I wonder what I will learn from next week's homework?? :)

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