Saturday, 11 January 2014

Blondie - Atomic - today's single pick

Atomic is a classic song from Blondie. Released in 1980, it was in fact the third single from their album Eat to the Beat. It reached number one in the UK and stayed there for 2 weeks.

But enough about that - lets talk about the song itself. This is a real stomper of a song. Blondie were of an undefined genre at the time - neither rock, punk or disco, but somehow melded all those styles in absolutely original sounds. You can tell this is a Blondie song as soon as it kicks in.

That familiar instrumental, mainly bass guitar starts up, which I am confident most of us will recognise as this song has been well used in TV and film - most memorably when it was covered and used in the film Trainspotting! Then Debbie Harry kicks in and her beautiful voice takes the song to a different place than you think it is going.

This is now a club classic, and the beat that kicks in the background still sounds both raunchy, daring and modern. Debbie Harry almost growls the title "Atomic", and the result is a sexy prowl through a pacy record. This to me is the most exciting of the Blondie product. Its uplifting and dark at the same time.

Whilst this is a 1980 song, it stands out from the other music of the time. It doesn't have that dated feel to it. This is also the song that propelled Harry into the consciousness (if she were not already) of a league of new fans by wearing a "garbage bag" in the video - intended to look futuristic. However, this spawned fans who proclaimed her to be so beautiful she could even look good in a bin bag!!

I have listened to 2 other Blondie singles so far this week - Heart of Glass and Call Me. This one though is my favourite by far. I have even added it to my playlist. It sticks in your head. I am really enjoying my revisit to this bands music - join in if you like and go and have yourself a listen. Enjoy. x


  1. As I am older I am familiar with Blondie and as far as the garbage bag, she once again did it first before Lady Ga Ga and doesn't receive credit.

    1. As with much of these "new" icons, what they do isn't actually new at all! I have really enjoyed listening to these tracks. :)