Thursday, 9 January 2014

Classic Music Week 1 - Blondie

Right then, to kick us off with the new style blog, I'm choosing a band each week to revisit classic bands, pop icons, rock and roll stars, and just to appreciate great music. This week's choice is Blondie.

Blondie are an American band, fronted by Debbie Harry. They were classed as new wave or even punk in their style, but in truth they didn't really have a specific music style - they didn't follow the rules. Blondie released six studio albums but then split up in 1982. The reformed in 1997 and continue onwards, with a new album apparently to be released this year. Harry herself continued as a solo artist in the years in between with varied success, but none close to the success of the band.

As a woman I admire Harry - her figure, her ability to look good in anything she wore. But most of all, that voice!! Debbie Harry. Voice of a rock star, face of an angel. She was the face that everyone knew and she was beautiful. Her voice however is awesome and unique, and her personal style was always a statement. Their music pulled on so many musical genres they are difficult to define - probably the point really. Pop, disco, rock, punk - new wave.

I grew up in an era post Blondie, but my dad had quite the thing about Ms Harry & Blondie's music. The first song that I can recall hearing by them is Heart of Glass. It wasn't their first song, no. This was from the band's third album, but its the one that to me most comes to mind. (see my review of this song here Heart of Glass)

So today's homework is to listen to Heart of Glass by Blondie. Great song, sticks in your head and has survived the test of time. A true classic. Over the coming days I shall update My Music page with individual singles by Blondie you might want to listen to. Come back for more. :)

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