Sunday, 12 January 2014

Dress Dilemma!

If you have read my previous blogs, you will know that I have an ongoing diet. As a consequence of being a weight yo-yo I still have a variety of sizes hanging in my wardrobe. Amongst some of these items, are some that have lingered for many a year.

Sometime ago I began the massive job of thinning out my clothing - I do have less, but my drawers, shelves and wardrobe are still stuffed and packed to the rafters. Lingering in there are some items that I know I need to cull.

There are others that I have to keep if only to reach that elusive point when all these things collide: the weight at which I can get into the item; the body with which the item actually looks good (not just being able to get in it!); the right occasion to allow me to wear it - summer dresses on christmas? no? You see what I mean.

And then there is this. This one is my dilemma:

This is a slip dress from TopShop. Bought several years ago, my intention was to rock it up with knee high boots and a leather jacket. I am the wrong side of 35 now and I no longer feel that I can pull off that look. I am very pale skinned and on its own it sort of looks like I am wearing a nightie not a dress. 

I don't want to part with it unworn. But what on earth do I wear it with that will look half decent? Suggestions most welcome! Help!! 

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