Thursday, 16 January 2014

Hey, I got my new shoes on!!

What woman doesn't love a new pair of shoes? Feast your eyes on these babies - my latest addition to my collection. I'm so excited!

These are Lacoste Berdine Wedges and depending which ones you choose, vary in price from £140-£170 a pair from Littlewoods or Very.  This is my foot in the pics and I can tell you they are so comfy. Higher than I thought to, which is fab for me as I do wish I was just a little bit taller!

So far, I have been charging about in them and can report that they continue to be as comfy as my Converse, and are the perfect choice for shopping. The height helps the figure, the gripped sole means you can be safe on slippy surfaces and they don't hurt your tootsies!! I love them so much! Happy Days. :)

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