Sunday, 12 January 2014

Let Battle Commence

My New Year Resolutions have had a set back. Not even one week into January and I failed. In my defence, this was not my fault at all. I have been poorly. All week. Since last weekend. No work, no gym, no movement to speak of - certainly no exercise.

This also resulted in snacking - once I was up to even that!! Now, I am back at square one. So tomorrow I recommence the resolutions - to diet, to battle the bulge and to get fit and toned!! The one and only advantage to being stuck in the house ill is that I have spent nothing!! So at least one resolution is still on track!!

Tomorrow I have personal training. It is going to kill me - I know this. Does it have to be done? Hell yes. no choice. Well, if you class remaining overweight and unhealthy as a choice then I guess there is a choice, but not one I want to choose! I choose something else.

So now the hard work starts. Again.........

 I have 3 stones to lose. This will be accomplished one pound at a time. To be continued...... Here I go - wish me luck. I've a feeling that I am going to need it!!

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