Tuesday, 21 January 2014

My Beauty Trials - Step One - Nails

My resolutions this year were all about making the most of myself. I intend to try all manner of beauty products and treatments this year. With this in mind, I took the opportunity to have my nails done at lunch today.

Let me explain my nails pre session with the lovely lady who did them. Picture if you will, bitten, ragged, not very groomed looking very short nails. I have small nails anyway, even when I grow them. This meant that I was not able to have just tips - oh no. Not enough nail apparently!

I have had almost full nails stuck on, then filed down. This fascinated me. She was so patient - picking out the right size, laying them out, gluing them on.

On top of this, came the acrylic. This turned out to be liquid, mixed with some sort of powder, creating a kind of putty. Delicately spread over the false bits and my nails with a teeny brush. Then more filing and buffing.

Finally, the shellac. I had no idea what this entailed. I picked my colour first. Cue base coat, several coats of nail varnish, then top coat. Each followed by what felt like a mini sunbed for my hand after each coat. Then, to my initial horror, she took what looked like a tissue to them - they are still tacky I cried! Don't worry she told me, and wiped them with it.

She then tapped my new nails with her own nails, and they clinked. Dry! Amazing!! When you do them at home, you end up getting then dinged and scratched because they take so long to dry!! Very impressed, I emerged with lovely kind of sparkly red nails.

I absolutely love them, and they have even survived the gym. Excellent. Now the trick is to learn how to type with them on - I cant hit the keys properly!! They look pretty though, so a small price. :)

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