Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year Resolutions 2014 - Number 1 - diet!!

Its that time. Time to make the resolutions for the new year. This year, I will succeed on at least one of my goals!!

So to begin with. Resolution number 1 - to achieve my goal weight. This is me on holiday in July last year.

This is quite possibly the slimmest I have ever managed to get to, but still some way off goal. What makes things considerably harder as resolutions go, is that I put a few pounds on during this holiday, as you do. Then I got home, and had an offer on my house (which was up for sale). Cue 2 very stressful months waiting for it to complete, packing, finding somewhere else to live, moving - lots of take aways and snack food. This resulted in another stone weight gain. On top of the hol weight.

I then started with my personal trainer in November, and lost approx 1 stone. Great - but then December started. I managed to keep in control until just before Christmas, then I have piled it on again.

So the resolution entails losing somewhere in the region of 3 stone from this point to get to my goal. Breaking it down, the first part of resolution 1 is going to be to reach my holiday shape and weight. Then there will be that final stint to reach target. This is going to take some will power!!

Starts on Monday 6th January (still got some Christmas treats to work through!). I am also having a detox for the first few weeks of the year post this weekend. That should help- no wine = no cheese (they go soo well together!).

My plan is also to get very fit and toned, but thats another resolution!! One step at a time!! Here is the starting point - number 1.

What are your resolutions? :)

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