Friday, 3 January 2014

New Year Resolutions 2014 - Number 2 - move more!!!

Now my first resolution is all about getting to my goal weight. However, for any of you that have lost weight, or are trying to, or simply don't even need to, already know, diet alone is not the solution.

To burn calories you need to move. Yes, you can eat less, yes you can count calories. But will that give me the toned body I desire? Nope. Will it make my clothes drape and fit instead of bulges on show? Nope.

So more of this is required :

The great outdoors, walking in the park, riding my bike, horseriding, jogging. Generally, just moving more and eating less. This was a beautiful sunny day last summer, and I popped on my converse and headed on out to the park for a brisk walk. I wore my pedometer and set myself a target initially, 10,000 steps per day.

As I got more used to doing more, I found excuses to walk more - round to the shops instead of jumping in the car. I ended up doing 13,000 steps per day.

Now, compare this to my current efforts. Other than PT sessions, I barely make 4,000 steps per day.

That is until Monday 6th Jan when NY resolutions commence!!! 10,000 per day. Minimum!!!

Now clearly, this in addition to the diet (resolution 1) will help. But it won't take me all the way, much more is required than just walking!! But thats resolution 3!!

One step at a time!! Going to be a hard slog, but the results will be so worth it when I can wear lovely clothes again and where 10,000 steps does not seem like a marathon!!

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