Monday, 13 January 2014

Problem skin?

My New Year's resolutions missed something - my goal to this year finally try and find a skin regime that works. I am well into my 30's now and have always had problems with my skin, going back as far as my late teens.

Over the years I have tried different brands, different treatments, but have struggled to maintain any sort of smooth complexion. At best I have days when its not as bad, but most of the time it gets me down.

So my plan is to try some new things and revisit some old ones that I did not really give a chance to work. I'm not expecting miracles - if there was a miracle cure we would all have perfect skin!

The first thing I am going to establish is a thorough cleansing and toning habit - morning and evening. My plan this week is to do some internet research into the best products for this, then choose one for my skin type and go and purchase said items. If this shows improvement, I shall move onto a new moisturiser and I believe there are all sorts of products out there that might help.

Balms, serums, masks, scrubs - where to start? Start with the basics. My skin is suffering - dehydrated from central heating, cold weather and hot showers at the gym. I have been guilty of not removing make up on a few occasions too - the ultimate beauty sin! My diet has been pretty rubbish up until this point which also hasn't helped one bit.

I will keep you posted on the products I try and how things progress. Here's to hoping this year I find the elusive solution! By now I had hoped my skin would have calmed itself down, but as this is showing zero signs of happening, this must be done.

Off now to have a look what is out there. Watch this space for more, and share your tips if you have problems with your skin that you have great products to recommend using - I would very much appreciate it.

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