Monday, 20 January 2014

Stereophonics - Day Four - Maybe Tomorrow

Today is Day Four of my week with the Stereophonics, and today's choice is Maybe Tomorrow. Taken from the album You Gotta Go There to Come Back, which was released in 2003. The single reached number 3 in the UK charts, also in 2003.

This track has a much softer, gentler sound than the usual Stereophonics style. Less rock, more melody. Apparently this whole album has a softer sound, but I've not listened to all of it - just revisiting this track today, but definitely liking what I hear with this one. 

It's not a fast paced number, and wouldn't be a good gym anthem, this one would be better fitted to a few drinks on the balcony as the sun goes down over the sea somewhere warm. It's like a soft breeze washing over you. 

Having said that, Kelly's voice does prevent this from being dreary. His sexy tones make this rather sensual and touching. Which is probably the reason this track was chosen to play out the credits on the movie Crash (the good one, not the pervy one!). 

This single was the band's second highest climbing single. This is also one of the band's favoured live numbers. They are well known for their fantastic festival appearances, and this song would sound great in that atmosphere. For now though, I will have to settle for listening to it in a slightly less appealing setting, but its no less appealing. 

For more music from the Stereophonics, check out My Music page. Happy listening :)

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