Friday, 17 January 2014

Stereophonics - Day One - The Bartender and the Thief

Stereophonics - the Bartender and the Thief. Day One of my week with the Stereophonics, this is my first pick. Released in 1998 this was one of the very first offerings I ever heard from this Welsh band.

This single is from their second album, Performance and Cocktails, this single reached number 3 in the UK charts. This song is one of their darker tracks, hence my choosing it, as it isn't the kind of song that is released for mainstream success, this song has guts, this song has feeling and soul.

This track is more rock than some of the others on this album, and the albums to come. The Stereophonics are a rock band. But they are more than that. They have a depth and an honesty that takes them far beyond that. Kelly Jones is so reminiscent of Rod Stewart that its a beautiful reminder of the great man, whilst modern and stand out in its own right.

I have actually seen this band live, many years ago, at the V Festival and by god they sound better loud than on the studio tracks. Thats unusual in itself!!

This album had many great tracks, but I chose this one to listen to today, and I have truly enjoyed it. Its been many years, but its like an old friend - it doesnt matter how many years it has been, the connection remains. Go on, take a listen and enjoy. x

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