Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Success = losing my joggers!

Off to the gym went I this evening. I was stiff. I was aching. I felt tired, and not at all like going to do a workout. That was until I got there at any rate. That is always the hardest part - getting your behind in there in the first place.

Once there, I donned my gear and headed on out into the gym to work myself into a sweat. I began with the stepper and I worked hard. I then decided to run. This is where I hit a snag. As I began to run, I began to lose my jogging bottoms!

Now, I could take this as a sign that the gym and the diet are working. I certainly was not having this problem a few weeks ago. Quite the opposite, as I squeezed my ample derrière into them with great effort!

So there I was, warming up into my run, and having to keep pulling them up as they slid down a little off my waist. In itself, this wasn't too much of a problem at first, other than the fact that I happened to be sporting a rather unappealing pair of deep pink sports pants underneath! I really did not want to expose said under garments to the masses. So I kept pulling them up.

The problem got worse as the faster I tried to run, the faster they slid and the further they slid!! I had horrifying visions of what might happen, so I had to give it up. Instead, I walked as fast as I could on a steep incline then hopped on the stair master. The joggers seemed to remain up doing this, so my dignity was preserved at least!

Now, the scales are not dropping enough to justify the extent of this potential wardrobe malfunction, so I can only assume that I have instead lost inches from my waist and my hips. This is a result!! I think however that I had best purchase some new bottoms before things get any baggier on me!! For everyone's sake! :)

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