Sunday, 5 January 2014

The decorations are down, Christmas is over for another year

The house is now post Christmas and looks very bare in the absence of the tree, the lights and the decorations! It also looks loads bigger now, and I have been able to hoover and dust in places I could not get to whilst they were up!!

Why is it though that it always seems to take longer to take them down and put them away than it does to put them up?

Here is the tree before and after:

Poor tree - looked liked it had been robbed!! It looked even worse when I started to take it apart. So many decorations - I don't remember putting all that many on it, but they just kept coming! I placed them all on the rug first so I didn't step on them whilst dismantling!

And now finally, things are back to normal. The room looks clean and tidy and that's it for another year. I do love Christmas but goodness it is exhausting. I need a holiday! 

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