Monday, 20 January 2014

Today's Personal Training Session

I had a major panic yesterday on realising how little time I have until my hols. Less than 14 weeks and I have not made the progress I should have. But that's enough of that. Today, I made a commitment to myself to try harder. And to this end, I have succeeded.

I had Personal Training this evening, and whereas previously, I would try, I found it so hard. Tonight, I was determined to do everything he asked me to do - and to my surprise I was able to work that bit harder. So on the menu this evening we had the following:

  • dumbbell bar squats
  • jogs up and down the studio
  • step ups to the side - step box
  • step ups to the front - step box
  • dumbbell bar curl squats
  • lateral pull-downs
  • upright row machine
  • dead lifts with dumbbell bar
  • sprint training on the cross trainer
  • balance squats on the bosu
  • one leg squats on the bosu
  • burpees
Tonight, the aim of the game was upper body and cardio. Yet doing squats along with weights, boy did I feel the burn in my thighs and derrière!! But that is all good. My thighs and derrière are more than in need of working hard! 

Last week, I came to realise that balance is my nemesis. The task now is to strengthen my legs up to assist my balance. I struggle far more on my left than my right, so now I know what I need to focus on for the time-being. 

He has tasked me with getting up off the step-box from sitting on one leg. I simply cannot at present! So I am getting some very strange looks spending as much time on one leg as I can to get better at this. This is going to take some work let me tell you!

A bosu, in case you are wondering, is like a half ball with a flat plastic disc. You can either place it ball side down and try to balance on the disc, or, you can flip it and do one leg balances and squats on that side. I can report they are all immensely difficult and very likely to land you in a heap on the floor. 

I fear that my loss of dignity and grace to date are nothing in comparison to what is yet to come. 

The things we do to try and get the body we want!!! It will be worth it, it will be worth it, it will be worth it. Won't it???  

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