Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Wardrobe clear out!

Ok, so it's 2014. My wardrobe is absolutely bursting at the seams. Yesterday, I had the bright idea to empty the ironing pile (I'm ashamed to say some items have lingered for a while - since last holiday to be precise). so it had to be done.

I felt so pleased with my self when I finally reached the bottom of the ironing basket. I hate ironing so much. Unfortunately, this has led to a wardrobe crisis. The reason being that I couldn't fit the ironing in the wardrobe without squashing it all up and defeating the point of ironing it in the first place!!

This is what the wardrobe looks like pre-ironing!! How on earth I am supposed to fit anything else in there I do not know. This calls for a radical overhaul I think. New year is going to be the year of a more organised wardrobe!

The ironing is not far off the same amount of items already in the wardrobe so I have a problem here. This is only one side of the wardrobe (it's a double wardrobe). My partner has his own, and won't let me use it!

I also have several sets of drawers which are equally crammed with clothes! I have some lovely things, but I do find myself wearing the same items all the time. This is partly due to gaining some weight, as I can't get in some of it at the moment, but it is mostly due to not being able to find anything because everything is so squished!!

So this is going to be quite a job. I have got to be ruthless and clear out. Ebay here I come!! 

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